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Environmental Law

Help Desk

  • You can call or email the Help Desk for direct access to experienced legal help with environmental regulation and compliance.
  • Help Desk Service

Legal advice

  • Legal advice in all areas of environmental law and compliance.

Document preparation

  • Assistance with preparation and review of submissions, applications and correspondence with government authorities.

Negotiation and Mediation

  • Negotiation and mediation with government authorities in all aspects of environmental approvals and compliance.


Appeals and review of government decisions

  • Preparation of appeal documents and applications for review of government decisions.
  • Advice, guidance and representation through appeal/review processes.

Investigations, enforcement action and criminal charges

  • Investigations and enforcement action by government authorities can result in heavy penalties and significant legal and other costs. Michael Labone has extensive experience in these matters and can advise, guide and represent you through investigations, enforcement action and criminal prosecutions for environmental offences.

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