Expert help with environmental regulation

Environmental Law Queensland gives you access to experienced, specialist legal help with environmental law and compliance in Queensland.
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How we work with you

Environmental Law Queensland gives you access to experienced legal help with environmental regulation and compliance at affordable, fixed rates. You can access legal help for a one-off legal problem, or you can have ongoing access to legal help with one of our Help Desk membership plans. Environmental Law Queensland is part of the practice of Queensland barrister Michael Labone.

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Our industries

  • Mining and quarrying
  • Waste disposal and recycling
  • Construction, development, land clearing and earthworks
  • Other Environmentally Relevant Activities

Our services

  • Help Desk Membership Program
  • Advice
  • Document preparation
  • Appeals and review of government decisions
  • Negotiation
  • Environmental offences, investigations and enforcement action by government authorities

Our clients

  • Businesses and individuals
  • In house and external environmental consultants and professionals
  • Law practices and in-house lawyers
  • Government authorities

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